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It is strictly forbidden to collect email addresses from this site for the purposes of mass mailing -- this includes, but is not limited to, Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, or spam) which is defined as an email that is trying to sell a product or service or soliciting donations. If we have reason to believe that you are "harvesting" addresses from east-linton.angle, then we reserve the right to deny service and lodge a formal complaint with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

It is strictly forbidden to attempt to send east-linton.angle or it's users any UCE - the inclusion of email addresses on east-linton.angle does not constitute a desire to "opt-in". UCE will still be treated as UCE and a complaint will still be made even if an opt-out service is provided. Any UCE that is recieved will be charged to the source at a rate of £0.01 (GBP) per byte, which will initially be invoiced via email. For each reminder that is required, it will incur a further £10.00 charge.

It is not permissable to continue attempting to send email to addresses in the domain east-linton.angle.uk.com (and any aliases) if they bounce for longer than a month.

About Your Privacy

Some information is automatically collected, which tells us a little about how you found our website, this refer information is automatically sent by your web browser. None of the information collected allows us to identify an individual.

For some features on the website it is required to supply some personal information such as your name, email address and postcode. This information is stored securely, in an area of the webserver that is not accessable to anyone other than east-linton.angle. Where your postcode is collected, it is done to allow us to see how our users are spread, the postcode is not associated with any of your other personal information.

We do not, and will not, pass on any contact details to any third parties, except when we are required to do so under law, and we will only email you when absolutely needed.

Email addresses of users will appear in the east-linton.forum if you supply one when making a post.

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One Final Note

As previously stated, it is against the terms and conditions of use of east-linton.angle to send or collect email addreses to send unsolicited commercial email, we would like to explicitly state that we have no interest in refinancing; we're perfectly happy with our search engine rankings and we really don't care for pornography.